Myth of the Fireballs

Myth of the Fireballs

Though best known for their good luck and fortune, few know how the Buccaneer Beach Bar Fireballs came to rest on Kimshaw Beach; even fewer know why each is referred to as the fireball of the gods.

Let it be known that Poseidon, Zeus and Hades divided creation between them. Poseidon rules over all water, both fresh and salt, while Zeus rules the sky and Hades the Underworld. It was a pact between the three that allowed for the raising of what we now refer to as the fireballs of the gods.

Recognizing Poseidon’s power over the sea, Hades asked that he raise the balls of fire from the underworld in an effort to make peace with Zeus. After reminding him that these balls of fire would rest where he could easily carry them out to sea, Poseidon ordered the Tritons, half-man and half-fish to retrieve them, as only they had the ability to venture upon land. Poseidon commanded the sea to remain calm as the Tritons set the fireballs upon the sands of Kimshaw Beach.

Here rests the fireballs of the gods. While one represents the power of Hades, and the other of Zeus, the bond is only complete with the rule of Poseidon. Be sure to look closely as their story is told through the carvings.

It is only at Buccaneer Beach Bar that one can see the world’s most powerful gods join together in fire, wind and water.

Come join us and celebrate the mystery of the Fireballs as they are lit on Friday and Sunday evenings, just as the sun sets and the moon begins to rise.

Please inquire should you wish to rent the fireballs as part of a special function or a private party.